Phase One Facility

Our first state of the art grow facility is approaching completion.

A 40,000-square foot renovation of the Catalyst Paper administrative offices, with an approved capacity to produce close to three million grams per year, Phase One will serve as the base for our operations grow team, and the hub for contiguous expansion of Phase Two and Phase Three. Both of these phases will be ground up, purpose built projects.

We anticipate concluding construction of Phase One mid-2018, with Health Canada licensing to follow.

Power River

Phase Two Facility

Our second facility, located adjacent to our initial site, will measure 50,000 square feet over two floors. Planning and permitting work is well underway for an anticipated completion by Q1 2019. Due to its contiguous location from our original site, ACMPR regulation provides for an expedited licensing of this facility, as well as all future development. In addition to whole flower production, Phase Two is anticipated to add extraction capability, significantly broadening our product portfolio and commercial options.

Phase Three Facility

Located on the same contiguous geography, we anticipate our third facility to add another 43,000 square feet to our production and processing capacity. These plans are being developed and we will update our website as further progress is defined.

Our Grow Team

Despite the complexities of starting and developing a Canadian cannabis business, our fundamental reason for being is the cultivation and harvesting of world class, consistent, differentiated cannabis products.

In keeping with our philosophy of “building capability first and results will follow” our gifted Grow Team know their craft. With over 60 years of direct cannabis cultivation experience with gold standard Canadian LPs, we have developed the early foundation of technical human capital who understand the unique and nuanced challenges involved in delivering consistent, world class production.